Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow day

This week has been cold, icy, and snowy. I try to keep things positive here on my blog, but really, I just want to shout it out for the world to hear: I HATE SNOW. There, I said it! 
Yes, it can make for some pretty pictures, but in reality, its really more of big head ache. Our flowers and trees had already started blooming and showing signs of an early spring in Texas, then we had ice on Monday, followed by snow on Wednesday. 

There's always worrying will be have power. Thankfully this time, we kept our electricity, but the generator is on stand by, with water drawn up in ever pitcher and bucket to be had. We have our own water well, so no power equals no water, plus there's the job of keeping the well from freezing up. Last year, we were out for 3 cold days, so we do have a generator and an electric heater large enough to heat a room this year. 

The farm animals always need more feed and attention during the bad weather, so there's no staying in the warm house when the weather is unpleasant and the weathermen tells everyone to stay inside. I'm tired of bulky jackets and too many layers of clothes. I've got random gloves scattered everywhere and when I have cold feet, I'm just grumpy. The toes on my right foot, seem to go nearly numb every time I get outside, even while wearing wool socks and insulated boots. I truly do not know how everyone living up north handles this weather. I want to move south now and we only got a few days of this mess. I can not even imagine negative temperatures. I got in the shower a few days ago and thought there was a hole in the tub. I didn't realize how cold my toes were (I had on 2 pair of socks + fleece lined boots) and I couldn't feel the tub, It was a rather strange feeling. 

This is the reality of snow - spinning tires in the muddy snow, while trying to feed cows, then having to be pulled back up the hill with the tractor. Fun times...Not! 

In Texas, a little bit of winter precip shuts almost everything down, I had several orders that needed to go out in the mail yesterday. Thankfully my mail lady was able to make her route. She said it was tough going at times, but she made it! 

Then there have been frozen gate locks, slick steps that needed clearing, trucks that take much longer to warm, while covered in snow, the pile of wet and muddy clothes that need washing...
I could go on, but I'll stop here. At least we get a few pretty pictures from the snow! 

Thanks for letting me rant! I promise to have a happier post next time. So do you love snow or hate it? (I promise we can still be friends if you love it!)

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  1. I'm with you and hearing you loud and clear! We've dodged any snow or ice this year (near Beaumont). It is beautiful. But no way worth the trouble and the lives impacted or lost. What makes it so dangerous down here is that no one is truly prepared for it and 80% of drivers don't have a clue what to do in it. But apparently even up North where they deal with it every year things can go terribly wrong. Saw where there was a 70 something car pile up. Awful.

    I think I could enjoy and love it if I was rich and set up somewhere where I didn't have to leave or go out and tend animals. Could just look out over the beauty from a 2nd or 3rd story window in a warm room in normal clothes. Or don my super warm stuff and go out while the sun was shining just to play.


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