Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Feather Chandelier

The little projects in the glamper are ongoing and as time and inspiration allow, I tackle a few things. The most recent thing on the list was a feather chandelier. The gold light fixture was there and two light bulbs worked, there just wasn't a globe to go over it. I wanted a chandy, but hadn't found anything I was crazy about (read: everything was too big or over priced) and I really didn't want to tackle rewiring the lights. It had to be light weight and not too long, so I won't whack my head on it on a regular basis. 

I was inspired by the Junk Gypsies gold dipped feather light and decided to make something similar for myself. I debated dipping the feathers with gold glitter, but trips to the store didn't coincide with my "got to do it now" mind set. I had plenty of white ostrich feathers on hand and I hoard lamp shades.

I ripped the cloth of a lamp shade and turned it upside down. At this point, I knew the lamp shade would fit around the existing fixture, but I didn't know how I would attach it. I was thinking some kind of staples or brackets. I grabbed a roll of fishing line and started tieing the feathers to the shade. 

I finished it and held it up to the fixture with excitement and then I realized there was three screw holes in the fixture! Oh yes, I knew what to do now -  three pieces of light weight florist wire tied my feather chandy to the fixture! Easy, peasy and if I decide I want glitter feathers, it won't be hard to take it down and modify. Start to finish, I had less than an hour in this project and I'm tickled with the outcome. 

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  1. You clever, clever girl! I've always enjoyed seeing what you've been up to.
    Love everything you do. :)


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