Monday, November 3, 2014

Burlap and Lace Tablecloths

It's no secret with my friends that I have been hoarding, I mean collecting vintage lace for a while now.  I have tubs of  lace, doilies, and mismatched curtain pieces gathered from estate sales and friends who have helped add to my collection. I've layered these pieces over burlap before and had an idea to sew the lace and burlap together to create ready made table cloths. 

I remember when I decorated for my in-laws 50th anniversary party last spring how several people were amazed at how I took my random lace pieces to create the look and felt inspired to bring the convenience to you.

These table cloths will be easy for anyone to set up for vintage themed weddings, parties, or showers. The 60 x 60 burlap fabric is dripping with layers of lace and accented with doilies. All you need to do is add a centerpiece! The lace is sewn to the burlap, although there is some allowance for bunching up the lace to expose more burlap. The table covers will work well with wooden spool tables as shown or card tables for your next event. 

After battleing with my sewing machine, I made five layered tablecloths this weekend that are now available in my shop. I hope to keep adding more to my inventory soon. 

Last year at Kadyn's outdoor Farm Wedding, we had planned to layer the tables with lots of lace, but didn't account for the wind blowing 30 mph. The lace can't blow away with these! 

Lots of lace ruffles...


  1. Oh, Janice, those are neat and original. I really LOVE the next to the last although
    they're each lovely. When I get married again, I'll have to get my stuff from you.
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
    I wish lots of luck with these. You continue to amaze me, girl.


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