Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The snake incident

So here's how the story goes...

Sunday night, approximately 10:00 pm, we both decide we want a little something to snack on before bed. We had ate a mid afternoon lunch and skipped supper.

I decide to eat a pickle. I got a jar of whole pickles out of fridge. Open silverware drawer and pull out a knife to cut up my pickle. 

Jeff decides he's going to eat a bowl of cereal, opens same silverware drawer and starts to reach for a spoon, but something moved. 

Ugggg, something just moved in there...

Insert blood curling screams, I feel the neighbors down the road could have heard.


Omg, my hand was just beside it.

Insert more screams that should have made someone call 911! He was looking up at me, from that drawer.

More screams and then he was GONE...

But where to you ask? I'd like to know that too.

GONE, vanished, disappeared.

Husband says my screams told him to get the heck outta dodge. 

But I'd like to know where he went. 

He was close to sink drain pipes, so we presume it could have came up beside the pipes somehow. 

BUT, where is it NOW? Is he staring at my every move? Waiting for me to come back? 

Severe anxiety set in, I have pajamas and cowboy boots on, searching and looking for a vanished snake, with an ever looming question of where. 

I couldn't sleep, wanted to move (not an option), freaking out, finally slept a little bit, dreaming about snake catching.

I had jury duty Monday morning and afterwards went to the store and stock up on several snake deterrents. 

I now have clean and much needed organization in my cabinets and no snake was found lurking.

Hopefully my gosh awful screams, vacuuming, clean space, and moth balls tell the snake he's not welcome here no more, no more, no more. I'm still opening every drawer and cabinet with careful consideration, looking before my hand goes in, turning the light on before entering a room...

My fourth grade teacher told us about the snake in her toilet incident years ago.  I've always had a phobia of the snake in the potty and even if I get up and go in the wee hours of the night, I flip the light on to check for snakes. Now, I'm checking everywhere for the unwanted guest. 

Y'all, it's creepy! Now, I don't thing twice about working in yard or walking down by the pond, where snakes live everyday, but a snake in my house, that's a whole different story.

Have you ever had a snake in your house? Got any snake deterring tricks up your sleeve I should know about? 


  1. O M G. I feel so bad for you. How awful. Hope he is gone forever.

  2. I would have been screaming and wetting my pants! No, I've never had a snake in the house - just the garage. And I was able to get a hoe and drag it out of there before killing it. Moth balls are the only deterrent I know of. Perhaps you should call an exterminator!

  3. Nope, not me. And, if so I'd be just like you were. YIKES!

  4.! That is just creepy. Yikes, the scorpions are bad enough but a snake? No thank you! Found you over at Eclectcally Vintage ( I'm trying to catch up). Now following you. Would love for you to visit and follow me back at

    Cecilia :o)


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