Sunday, June 1, 2014

This week in pictures

This week seems like it's been busier than ever! Here are a few pics from my adventures and I'm kinda like our sweet puppy, I just need a nap. 
Loving the wildflowers on the backroads.
Meet "Durod"! Born a premie, he's needing extra attention and care to get him up to speed. But he's fighting hard and learning to nurse his mama. Hopefully bottle feeding days can end soon. 
Fog one morning on the country roads. 
I was very excited to get in coral burlap this week and created the first custom order with coral roses this week! It's been one of my most requested, yet unavailable colors, but not anymore. 
Coral and ivory pin on corsages. 
Coral and white boutonni√®res. 
I've seen 3 rainbows this week! This was the only "full" rainbow and certainly cheered me up to see it. It's hard to believe it's now June 1st and we've hardly had a 90 degree day. Usually we are already counting the days in the 100's. So thankful for the rain and rainbows this week. 
My office, one afternoon... Photographing and convoing from the hay barn
The larkspur and day lilies are blooming in my yard. 
A gorgeous afternoon at the farm, while feeding Durod. 
A little glimpse at Miss Gussie, the glamper. I keep adding layers of lace and started hanging stuff on the walls this week. 

Now, if I can only figure out where to squeeze in a nap ;) 


  1. That looks like a fun, busy, and beautiful week!

  2. Loving the barn shot!Hahaaa....I remember as a kid, doing the same...

  3. Everything's lookin' good. :)


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