Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome to the Junk Yard!

Ever since we completed our gazebo makeover last summer, I have been waiting to decorate it with spring flowers. When we painted and put the reclaimed tin on the roof, we were in the middle of excruciating heat and drought and most of my flowers had faded by that point.
Pull yourself up a chair and grab a glass of tea and sit for a while, like Annie the cat did. I've been trying to keep the dogs and cats out of the chairs, but Annie slipped passed me! (I'll share my trick for keeping them out of the chairs later.)

 Our gazebo was pulled from a trash ditch a few years ago. It was in good shape, but the former owners had rolled it down the hill into a ditch and has now become the focal point of our yard. There were actually two gazebos and our friend stopped and ask about them, so we each were able to get one! Last summer, we painted the gazebo white and my husband and brother came up with the idea for the metal roof. It was a complete surprise to me, because I was at work while they transformed the gazebo roof. You can find that reveal and more of the story here. 
Our yard seems to have become a "Junk Yard", as everything is reclaimed and recycled. Lots of vintage, rusty containers are now holding flowers. This old door sits in the gazebo and works as a back drop when I take pictures for my etsy items and I decided the door needed a wreath on it. So I made a junk wreath. A wooden window frame serves as the base, with a galvanized bucket holding a begonia. I made a burlap banner and painted J-U-N-K on each pennant. Bed springs add to the junky spring wreath.

 This is my view of the gazebo when I step out my front door! It makes me want to stay out there all day and night. I lit my candles tonight and love the glowy look as the sun went down.
Here is the Bottomless Rusty Bucket that has been a pinterest star! It is still in the same place. My earlier pictures didn't show the two springs holding the bucket very well.
 A bottomless chicken feeder sits on the table.

 I rescued this Igloo water jug from a trash dish this winter. It still had clean water in it. I'm not sure why anyone would throw this thing away. Since the weather has warmed up, I moved my nepthytis plant outside and it found its summer home in the Igloo jug.
More rusty buckets and wash tubs are filled with flowers. My goal is to not see any plastic flower pots in my yard and I only have a couple more left to hide!

I found this old Gulf can with a hole in its side. I set the springeri fern in the rusty can. I planted a few sprigs of spider plant in an old water jug. I had several plants to sit under this tree all winter with little care or attention. None of the plants looked great by themselves, but combined in unique pots with other flowers, they look much better.

I love the glow of my insulator chandelier.

I stole this washing machine tub from my husbands junk! Shhh, don't tell him!
A gym locker basket and Bundt pan serve as containers on this old bicycle.

A chicken feeder hangs from a tree with celosia, petunias, and creeping jenny.

Trixie says Thanks for sticking with us through all the pictures! I'll share more pictures and tricks I used to pull off my Junk Yard this week, so stay tuned!

Today was an absolutely perfect day...if the weather was always this pretty, I would be forever happy! Getting to spend the day outside, being creative, working in my yard, soaking up some sunshine, along with my favorite critters, makes me happy. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



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  1. You Found it in a DITCH???Hahaaa....How COOL is That?? It turned out Beautiful! Is there Nothing you can't do? You've done a Marvelous job!!

  2. it is really looking great. i LOVE the old tubs holding flowers in the front.

  3. I swear, you are so creative!!! And the washing machine tub made me laugh out loud! One of these days, don't be surprised if we don't pull up and want to take a long sit in your fabulous gazebo!

  4. I love how your mind works and you've dome up with some wonderful ideas.

  5. Well, you know I LOVE IT!!!! I've been sitting here smiling and smilin'.

    I just love the things you come up with, Janice. Clever girl, always!


  6. What a fun, incredibly interesting space. All of your flowers look lovely! Ready for some summer color.

  7. I Love it! It's so pretty and the tin roof is just fun-enjoy:@)

  8. What a beautiful yard! I love all the little touches. Megan

  9. This turned out so well! I love all the little details, the decorations, the flowers, etc!! it looks so homey and welcoming! I love it!

  10. I just love how this turned out! I love all of the reclaimed and recycled stuff! Thanks for sharing this at my link party! I am featuring this at my next party which starts tomorrow :)

  11. What a happy and cozy space... gorgeous! :)

  12. This is unbelievably awesome! I want one of these in my yard! so cool

  13. love how you pulled together this interesting and charming room. I think I have enough to create that look, but need the gazebo.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures.

  14. My gosh you've got a good eye and great creativity! I love how you've used every metal container imaginable for your plants, and your vintage style is gorgeous. Can't wait for good weather here so I can start work outside. You are inspiring me and making me jealous. :o)

  15. LOVE all of your old things. You made yourself quite a happy spot!

  16. Found your lovely blog on Texas Blogging Gals today. My oh my - you did a wonderful job on that gazebo! Especially the chandelier made with beads and insulators...genious and Oh so pretty!!

  17. I love everthing I could use some help and ideas. ☆☆☆☆☆


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