Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gazebo Reveal!

We finally finished our gazebo this weekend and I love how it all came together!
 The gazebo was literally pulled out of a trash ditch a few years ago. A friend of ours had eyeballed 2 gazebos that had been pushed over and rolled into a ditch. He ask the owner if he could have them and they said yes. They only had a few minor blemishes and the lattice on the lower section was gone. For helping haul the gazebos, we got to have one of them and our friends kept the other one. Other than some brackets for hanging baskets, I had yet to make any changes to the gazebo until last week.
I had been wanting to paint the gazebo for a long time, but just hadn't got a round to it. My brother recently became unemployed and he came over to help us out! Now we have never had any help on our yard or house. We have always been DIY people, but since Waldo (my brother's nickname)  is not a trained painter, I think we can still classify this as DIY! Jeff even got in on the painting project while I was at work! Of course they talked and text a lot of smack to me!

We bought one gallon of white paint and three gallons of barn red paint last week. (We are also painting a building sometime soon.) I had visions of the gazebo white - they had visions of a red gazebo!

I got text like:
 when we opened the white paint bucket, it was miss labeled, its red paint.

Is red spelled - w-h-i-t-e?

They debated on whether to wrap red paper around one of the post and send me a pic.

While out delivering flowers, I did run by the house to check on the progress!

They finally got it all painted, but sure were not looking forward to putting a second coat on it. I saved the day, when I relieved them of that duty! I decided to do a little sanding, to give the gazebo a distressed look.

They sent me a picture Thursday of recycled tin on the roof! I love, love, love how it looked on the roof! This was totally Jeff's idea and he did good! They even used salvaged nails!
So then I finally got to do my thing! Remember that $2.00 piece of burlap that I found at Canton? The one that was hanging on the line, hoping to pass the smell test. I cut it into three strips and draped it from the center point and tucked in the lattice. I made the insulator chandelier several years back and hung it in the center  as well. All the insulators were found at a yard sale nine years ago, for ten cents each!
 One of my favorite parts was carving our initials on one of the post! I also personalized the floor with paint. I cut out stencils with my Silhouette machine and painted with the red paint J and J Farm, est 2002. The guys got their red paint some where on the gazebo and I'm happy with how it turned out.
I've had the lanterns for a long time. I found them four or five years ago at Garden Ridge for $1.00 each!
I had visions of wrapping grapevine garland around  and through the lattice, but I didn't want to drive for two hours to get the garland or pay an outrageous price for it. When my red bud tree died from the drought, I saved the branches. The branches were just too pretty and I knew they would make good fall decor. So I took the branches and tucked them in the lattice for added depth. 
 I'm thrilled with how it all came out! Other than a gallon of paint  and the burlap, we reused and recycled everything for this project. We have about $17.00 in our gazebo and still have paint leftover!
I think we just might spend more time in the gazebo this fall! I am so ready for cooler temperatures and evenings spent outdoors by the chiminea.

Want to see more of our gazebo and how it's changed over the years? Go here for a recap!

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  1. I love everything! Absoultely charming and perfect. GREAT job! I really love your chandelier. :)

  2. that is really beautiful. you all did great. my favorite part is the burlap and chandelier. really nice!!!

  3. Oh Janicwe I love it! All the pretty details and I think it's so cute you two carved your initials. Love the way you painted the floor as well!

  4. Your gazebo project is nothing short of amazing!!! I think it should be featured in a magazine! And the amount you spent on it is ridiculous! My favorite part? The light hanging down the center and the burlap drapes! You outdid yourself with this project! (oh yeah, the guys too, LOL)

  5. Thank you all for your nice and encouraging comments!

  6. This is beautiful! The white really brightens up the place! I really like all the little details you added, like the floor painting, and the "J+J" heart. Cute!

  7. I am so impressed with not only the results but also how little it cost. The tin roof is cute and the whole gazebo is adorable!

  8. Oh my gosh this just makes me SO happy! Every little detail! I love the roof I love the lighting I LOVE the personal details!!! I love the romantic feel of it anddddd I LOVE that your pup enjoys the space also!!! Awhhh this is just great! Yahhhh thank you SO much for linking up to Crafty Scrappy Happy Me THursday I am SO thrilled to have gotten to see this! I am a new follower now too!!! :o)
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy


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