Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flying traffic cones

Today's word of advise:
Watch out for flying, jumping, crazy, orange, road construction cones.
They will jump up and attack you, busting your mirror.

Guess you now want to know how I discovered this, huh?

Yesterday morning I was just plain sleepy, didn't want to get up, had the blahs, could have kept sleeping for hours, or so I felt. I have no idea why. I even went to bed early the night before because I was give out. Maybe we will just blame it on 114 degree heat. Yeah, that's a good reason!

So, I was droopy as I was getting ready to go to work. Farmall Man even ask if I needed another Dr. Pepper to wake up some more. I said no, that I would be ok. He always walks me to the truck and hugs me goodbye. He usually tells me to "watch out for people, people are crazy out there", but yesterday morning it was "you better wake up and pay attention, don't be hitting anything."

I'm bebopping on my way to work, found a few good songs on the radio, had it cranked up loud, was meeting a car, when BAM. That cone jumped up and smacked me! There is a little ol' strip of road construction on the way to work - maybe a 1/2 mile long, and that crazy cone reach out and smacked my passenger side mirror. I can't repeat exactly what I said yesterday morning. It was something like SHOOT.

My mirror fell out. I turned around and went back and picked up the shattered piece. The main bracket was not broken off the truck, but will most likely have to be replaced because the plastic brackets that hold the actual mirror are broken. UGH.

I went on to work: sad, sleepy, upset, quite, grumpy, scared to tell Farmall Man. Afterall his last words were...wake up and pay attention. I checked on a new mirror at the parts store in town $83.00+. Ebay has new mirrors for $29 and up with free shipping. Gotta love ebay!

When I finally told my co-workers, one of them ask: "Did it fly up and hit you?" Yep, thats what it did! What she meant was did I run over a small cone and it flew up from under the vehicle or tire. No - it was a tall cone, but I'm sticking to the idea that it jumped out and hit me!
All day I fretted over my stupid incident, how was I going to tell FM? Well I got home, he walked up behind the truck as I was getting out of the truck and I showed him my shattered mirror. Thankfully he was not mad. I got more like "I told you, you were a crazy girl, to watch out for stuff." Then there was, "we can fix it, that's what we do, fix things."

So in closing - watch out for those crazy, jumping, flying cones that will reach out and smack ya!


  1. Ouch! Sorry that happened, but you told it so funny! And, now I'll be thinking of you every time I see one of those cones!

    That's so nice that Farmall man walks you to the truck, and gives you a hug. Such a nice, loving thing to do! :)

  2. And!!! What a Super Sweet hubby you've got there!!!
    Glad you're alright too!!

  3. worse than getting butt-smacked while walking thru a crowd! ha!

  4. And stay in bed when you are extra sleepy! Glad to hear that's all the damage you caused!


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