Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lily Time

Its Day Lily time in my yard!
 A few years ago, my great aunt took me over to her friends house and I came home with a truck load of free plants! It doesn't get any better than that for this frugal gardener! Among the many plants I brought home that day were a multitude of day lilies. Mrs. Friday had been growing them for over twenty years and had crossed them and bred the lilies to create her own colors. There were no plain jane, ordinary orange lilies in her yard - no mam, there were yellows, pinks, reds, ring eyes, petals of alternating color, triple bloom lilies. It was like a mail order catalog with all of the beautiful colors she had. You name it - she had it and the best part, she shared them with me!
Each year I get to enjoy the beautiful lilies she raised and shared with me. They are definitely a highlight of my yard each spring and summer. These are a few of the lilies that were blooming in my yard last night.

My garden has been looking good during the month of May, but this week it is begging for water. All of a sudden things went from lush looking to needy. The thermometer is reading 101.7 degrees as I type and there is no rain in the forecast. Looks like the water hose will be getting a lot of use in the coming days. Speaking of water hoses - I recently bought a new one to replace the constantly kinked up and leaking water hose that I drug around each afternoon. I splurged on the one that claimed it would not kink and I'm happy to say, it hasn't kinked yet!

Well, I'm off to take Farmall Man for his follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor. We are hoping for a good report today.

Hope you are enjoying your day! How hot is it were you are at today?


  1. Your lilies are so beautiful! I really really like the pink one. :)

    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  2. Thanks Kels! The pink one is almost miniature like. Have a great day!

  3. ours says 95. yup. we've jumped right into summer...

    those are very pretty lilies! i've been watering my lantana and trumpet vines too to keep them alive as they're suddenly drooping. :)

  4. It hit 100 here today as well! Getting dry to. That wind dried up water as soon as I'd water!Hahaa...well, Almost!
    Love your lilies!! Gorgeous!

  5. Hot here too!!!! Need rain badly.

    Gorgeous lilies; I just love when you show us the bountiful beauty of your gardens.

  6. Those daylilies are gorgeous! And you can't beat free! We had to buy all new ones for our home last year. And they started blooming this week, so that cheered me too!


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