Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brenda Photo Challenge - Frozen

This weeks Brenda Photo Challenge is Frozen.
We seldom ever get snow and ice around these parts of Texas, but a few weeks ago, we received a wintery blast. I was rewarded with a good photo opportunity! 

Royal had ice in his mane.The view on the oil road as I travelled to work a few days after the snow had fallen
I put out some fresh bird seed for the birds and in appreciation, this cardinal let me take his portrait!

I'm so glad that the photo challenge has started up again, I have certainly missed participating!


  1. I enjoyed all your frozen images but I especially like the lonely road with the glint of sunshine coming through!

    Carletta @ Carletta's Captures

  2. I LOVE that road shot! Poor Royal with the frost in his mane! There's a horse farm nearby that I like to stop by. In the spring the mares are heavy with their babies, then you see the foals newly born. In winter the horses have their 'jackets' on against the cold. Beautiful and makes for good picture taking. Just have to watch out for the manure. hehe

  3. Oh Janice!! Poor Royal!! I'm so Glad that snow didn't reach us this far south!
    LOVE these shots!!!

  4. All of these are lovely! That wintery road scene is really special. And I agree with Donna - poor Royal! He looks frozen for sure!

  5. Great captures. Each one is unique and special.

  6. How blessed you are to have cardinals. I saw some once when we traveled back east. They are such a bright pretty bird. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love that road shot but I am partial to road shots for some reason. Love the sweet cardinal, too!

  8. Love your shots. I tried to pick a favorite and couldn't do it, I love them all.
    My boss just came back from Texas, him and his wife were visiting relatives. They were talking about how they had 6 inches of snow while they were there and everything closed down. Guess they should have stayed

  9. Those are wonderful shots!! Mr. Cardinal is glorious!

  10. Something new in blogland, you are starting into a new theme. You had a good selection,a surprise chance to show what little snow you get.The horses around here have quite a beard for the cold.


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