About Me

Hey Y’all! Lots of new friends here and I’m getting several questions, so I thought it’s time to introduce myself again.

I’m Janice. Springtime is my absolute favorite and I despise being cold, so I can usually tell you how many days till spring.

I am a maker and am passionate about supporting the makers. I can be a very thrifty girl, but I’ll spend on quality hand made things. Our gazebo was literally pulled from a trash ditch - we love decorating it each season and sharing our love of junk and gardening with y’all.

At the time of this writing in January 2021, its been 10 years since I started an Etsy shop, but didn’t tell anyone I knew - it was my night / weekend job. The first year, I made my Christmas money (enough to buy supplies to make my gifts. It was scraps of that fabric that made my first burlap bouquet. )

6 years ago, I left my town job as a florist to make this my full time job and what a ride it’s been! My original focus was burlap and lace wedding bouquets, but now we’ve added clothing to our line up. All of our shirts are created by us (not simply ordered, unboxed, and resold.)

Now, for the places you can find our items:
Currently, we have spaces inside Kickin’ K Cattle Co in Quitman, Texas and most recently P20 Land & Cattle Interiors and More in Gilmer, Texas (our hometown.) These places have an assortment of our tees and things.

When I left the flower shop, I didn’t think I’d be doing fresh flowers again, but you started requesting my work and referring your friends to me (I’ve never advertised, but just show pics of things I’ve made.) I work from home or on location. I do have a separate blog where I just show past flower pictures at  or you can go to my facebook page > photo albums > fresh flower portfolio to scroll through pictures, without the daily post mixed in. These places are set up to give you ideas of the things I have done and can be referenced, if you'd like to order. 

Throughout the year, we participate in several pop up events, farmers markets, and shows. Our favorite is when my vintage camper, Miss Gussie, gets to come along! Watch for announcements about future events. 

We always try to provide a positive attitude and experience here at GypsyFarmGirl. Thank You for allowing us to make pretty things for all of you!

Oh and we have a farm as well - cute baby calves and silly donkeys are likely to show up from time to time.
P.S. you can grab this flower truck tee in our shop!