Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blush pink and turquoise burlap wedding bouquets

When a blingy, jade / light turquoise / aqua burlap bouquet 

meets blush burlap, they collide and 

You get a gorgeous blush pink and turquoise wedding bouquet! 

This custom bouquet went out to an excited bride to be this week! 
Blush and white lace, along with pearls and rhinestones were nestled among the roses, creating a rustic romantic arrangement. 

I am loving this combination! I was cleaning up in the camper a couple nights ago and realized I had a turquoise and pink scheme going on in there as well. It kind of snuck in there, as I've never been much of a pink girl. There's something about old tattered quilts and hankies, that seems to go great with vintage lace and a little turquoise thrown in! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Texas Floods

As many of you know, it's been flooding and storming in Texas and Oklahoma recently. Fortunately, we are ok, just water logged here at our place! Our ponds are overflowing. This is pictures from one of the ponds last week and we are expecting 4-6 inches more rain this week. I haven't checked the gauge this morning, but last night we were under flash flood warnings and the storms rumbled for hours. We are expecting another round of storms again this evening. Several of the back roads I travel will be under water and I'll have to take an alternative route (although that has been a regular occurrence for a couple months.) 

It seems like it all started in February with snow and since then, it seems like it has rained continually. We had a one week stretch of blue clear skies and an occasional day here and there that is partly sunny, but it's usually followed by more storms. I would love to see some weather statistics and find out how many days we have had rain. I'm getting my excercise while checking cows - it's been too wet to drive in the pasture, so I'm walking a lot! I tried driving just to the barn one day last week and got my truck stuck. Fortunately, I was able to get my old feed truck out and made it home that day and went back later and got the other truck out. 

We don't live near a river or lake, so we are not dealing with the extreme flooding that many are facing. I can't remember ever seeing the Red River full. The times I've crossed it, it was always so sad and you could see the bottom, so it's hard to imagine how full it is and how many roads and bridges are expected to be closed this week because of it, along with the evacuation of livestock and people from the area. But it's not just the Red, it's so many areas that have been devastated by storms and flooding and our hearts go out to all who are suffering now. 

There is one bright spot in it all, Texas is no longer in drought conditions! While I personally would love to see some sunshine, I don't want to complain about all the rain. We are often times in drought conditions, begging and praying for rain. Some years, we are already counting how many 100 degree days we have had by now. To the ones in California, we understand and wish we could send some rain your way. It's usually us Texans saying, please send rain, it's so dry here. 

The tragic loss of life and property to so many is definetly sad to see and read about and our prayers are extended to all those affected by the storms. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering those who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blush Pink Burlap Wedding Bouquets and New Items!

Hey Y'all! May has been an extremely busy month and I haven't stopped to blog all about it. I promise to catch up with all the happenings and a camper reveal party is coming soon! 

I made several new pieces and listed them in my shop today. First up is the pretty blush burlap bouquet. Several types of blush and ivory lace is nestled among the pink, tan, and cream burlap roses. 

Blush pink has been  a popular wedding color this year and I love the rustic romantic feel to it. 
 There is also a new lace head band that matches the bridal bouquet.
 Speaking of blush weddings - I got to play with fresh flowers on a recent wedding! It was the first time I had worked with fresh flowers, since I left the flower shop before Christmas.
The Ebenezer Friendship Church was the location for the wedding and the church colors worked great with the bride's blush and burlap theme. When we saw this old rustic sign out behind the church, we knew we had to photograph it somehow! So here's the soft blush and white corsage that was made for the officiant. 
 The bride to be wanted arrangements flanking the doors, so that when she walked down the isle, there would be flowers in her pictures. Two arrangements consisted of hydrangeas, snapdragons, stock, larkspur, buttons and alstromeria and assorted greenery. The bride said she didn't like roses, so none were used in her decorations.

 The bride decorated the arch herself, while complimentary fresh flowers were place on the two rustic candelabras.

Now, back to a few more new items in my shop - A birdcage veil attached to a hair comb with small burlap and lace flowers. 

 Ivory lace head band with a couple rustic flowers and rhinestone button would be great for the flower girl to wear (or could be used as a garter.)
 This bird cage veil is large than the other one and comes with whispy white feathers.
 White feathers, pearls, rhinestones and ribbon roses are nestled among the white sheer ribbon and tulle and attached to a beaded wristlet. This wrist corsage would be great for a bridal or baby shower, prom or wedding. I can always add burlap roses in your colors, if you would prefer that option.

All of the burlap items are now available in my shop and are available for immediate shipping! Custom orders are always available and I would be happy to help you create your dream wedding bouquets! 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shasta's Camo and Orange Wedding

This afternoon, Shasta sent me pictures from her recent camo and orange wedding! I love their fun, hunting themed pictures and always appreciate when customers share a glimpse of their wedding day with me. 

camouflage wedding bouquet

camo and orange wedding bouquet
Her bouquet had orange, camo, brown, and tan burlap roses with tufts of ivory lace tucked among the roses 
Featured wedding
Such as adorable family and precious pictures! Thank you Shasta, for letting me be a part of your wedding day and for sharing your pictures with me! Sending my congratulations and best wishes to you as you start your married life together! 

*All pictures in this post were provided by Shasta and used with her permission.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When the Sun Shines!

This spring has been dominated by rain, so much so that lots of outdoor projects have been put on hold, so when the sun shines, you:

Wash and sand on the camper! 

Nearly forget that you have to water the flowers outside, because it's been raining so much, watering isn't required! 
Work on orders and new brooch bouquets (to be listed soon.) 

Enjoy the May flowers! 

Prime and paint the camper white. I thought I would be content when I got her painted a solid color. Just to have her looking better for the time being, but no! I've debated about how I was going to paint the glamper for a long time. As I washed and scrubbed her down, the vision came to me. 

Here's a sneak peek! I've got one side painted with the design, but now it's raining again and forecasted everyday for the next week.
I practiced my set up for the Junk in the Trunk show last Saturday. I wanted an idea of how everything would be placed, before I got there. 
And then we got sunburned at the parking lot sale, but oh how gorgeous and nice it was to be outside and visiting with shoppers and fellow vendors! 
Several pieces of painted furniture and home decor items sold. I was tickled with the outcome of the market.
Cows have been worked and new babies discovered. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous 7 days of sunshine and I enjoyed ever minute of it! Thankfully the spring rains have eliminated the drought classification for almost all of Texas, but I'm ready for the next sunny day to paint outside again!