Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready for Spring!

Ahhhhh! Valentine's is o-v-e-r!!! That means its time to look foward to Spring.
 Confused? As a florist, Valentine's week is our busiest week of the entire year and I seem to measure time by: before Valentine's Day or after V-Day. I am sooo proud that we are at the after point. Now I can look foward to gardening seasoning, the days getting longer, daylight savings time changing soon, warmer days and shucking the long sleeve shirts and jackets, flip flops and some sun on my face. I know its a bit early for all the items on my list, but now they are on the horizon.
 The past two days have been spent trying to relax after the insane hours we worked over the last week and a half, but now I am in the mood for spring and being creative. We had all the signs of an early spring, then we had a cold snap hit last weekend and Monday morning we had a light dusting of snow and some sleet. I'm glad it didn't last long and didn't stick on the roads.

Its just 33 days until the official start to spring!!! Are you ready?