Sunday, January 8, 2012

They Stole My Snuggie

I got a Snuggie for Christmas from a friend. I never thought about having a Snuggie for myself, but you know, its the softest, fluffiest, coziest blanket. I don't stick my arms through the sleeves, but use it more like a blanket when I do get a chance. You see my girls have stole the Snuggie!
 Trixie has taken over the Snuggie, in fact she has only come to bed a couple of times since Christmas! New Year's Eve she joined us in the bed because all the fireworks were scaring her, but other than that, she rules the Snuggie!
Now Oakley has discovered the Snuggie as well and Trixie occasionally shares her blankie with the cat.
 I took this picture with my iPod, when the girls actually shared part of the couch and Snuggie with me! I have to be careful, sometimes I get growled at for thinking I should be able to sit on my couch with my Snuggie!