Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer's End Garden Party

Donna from Funky Junk Interior's is featuring
SNS's Summer's End Garden Party 2011.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

While Summer 2011 has been a rough one for us with the Texas drought and with Farmall Man getting hurt , there have been some bright spots along the way. The blooms have not been as abundant as some years, but we enjoyed them all the same. We were excited to complete a makeover on our gazebo and built a privacy fence as well.

Enjoy Summer's End Garden Party 2011 with a few of my favorite pics from our yard and garden this year!

Let's go shopping in the yard!
Trudy the Lawn Mower!
 With grass in the pasture in short supply and an injured husband, we let Trudy help with yard mowing duties this summer. I think the lawn mower has been cranked less than 5 times this year! 

I'm always glad to have butterflies in the yard.

My favorite project of the Summer was the Gazebo Makeover. I love how it all came together for less
than $20.00!

Suzy enjoys sitting in the gazebo!
Our privacy wall hides some of the equipment behind the house. If next spring brings some rain, I hope to add landscaping in front of the fence.

Thanks for stopping by and joining my Summer Garden Party! Hope you enjoyed your time here!